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Bringing a Voice to the Voiceless Ones in Gaming!

I Dream of Indie is bringing a voice to the voiceless ones in gaming with coverage of new indie, AA and niche videogames on PC and all major consoles. Our coverage includes professional reviews, gameplay impressions, developer and creator interviews, livestreams, news updates, and more.

We strive to feature as many different titles and genres as possible, including (but not limited to) JRPGs, adventure games, platformers, sports games, SHMUPS, shooters, puzzle games, roguelikes, visual novels, dating sims, slice-of-life games and just about everything in between.

If you are tired of the echo chamber of gaming media telling you what you “NEED” to play with clickbait titles and diminishing games to an arbitrary number, this is the coverage you’ve been looking for. I Dream of Indie is the perfect place to find games that won’t be picked up by major channels and networks. Perhaps you’ll find your next favorite game right here.

Welcome, Indie Warriors! Let’s fight the echo chamber together!

Golden Genie Lamp Winners!

Golden Genie Lamp Winners!

Planet of Lana Review | A True Indie Classic

Darkest Dungeon II Review | Die-Curious

Showgunners Review | Best in Show!

A B O U T   U S

I Dream of Indie Games was born quite like a dream. We decided to create something that was going to be different, a special and safe space, populated by amazing people with one common goal: To bring a voice to the voiceless ones in gaming.

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